Y type threaded strainers

Y type threaded strainers

Y type threaded strainer is an indispensable filtration device for medium transportation pipeline systems. It is usually installed at the entrance of equipment, such as pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, etc. This threaded pipeline strainer is used for removing impurities in medium and keeping smooth running of the equipment (including pump, compressor, and so on)

1. Petrochemical Engineering: Y type threaded strainer can replace filter material to filter circulating water, which saves water and cost.
2. Water Supply: This Y type strainer improves running efficiency of water supply system in pre-processing phase.
3. Iron and Steel Manufacturing: It is used in phosphorus removal system for high pressure water impurities filtering, such as cooling water for blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, etc.
4. Mine: Y type threaded strainer is employed to filter underground spray water and keep mining system work properly.
5. Power Plant: It is utilized to filter industrial cooling and sealing water for generator. It can also act as bypass filtration system when water consumption is very large.
6. Air Conditioning and Heating System: It prevents blocking of heat exchange system and improves system heat efficiency, which prolongs equipment’s service life and saves water.
7. Machinery, Food and Other Industries: Y type threaded strainer can be used to filter cooling water automatically and precisely.
8. Paper Making: High precision and automatic filtration products are very important for equipment with nozzle. This threaded pipeline strainer can remove impurities and prevent blocking and wearing of equipment.

1. Integral molding technique of strainer shell avoids leakage of welded steel shell.
2. High intensity ductile cast iron is used as raw material, which prolongs service life of Y type threaded strainer.
3. High precision and wear resistance filter element is designed and manufactured in our company.
4. Intelligent control technology is adopted to make filtering, cleaning and sewage disposal run automatically.
5. This threaded pipeline strainer mainly features compact structure, large filtration area, strong fouling carrying capacity, small pipeline pressure loss, and low power consumption.
6. The control mode design of our fully automatic self cleaning strainer also has advantages of short backwashing time and water saving.
7. We supply a wide range of Y type threaded strainers (different water volume, precision, structure, etc.) that can be applied in various working conditions.
8. Our strainers can be adjusted according to your actual working condition, which is easy and convenient.

1. After two times shot blasting processing, Y type threaded strainer shows exquisite appearance.
2. Pipeline strainer features high filtration precision and strong fouling resistance.
3. Filter mesh is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which ensures its long serve life.
4. Body of this pipeline strainer adopts precision casting technique.
5. Cleaning, deslagging and mounting of Y filter are very easy and convenient.
6. All our products have passed API6D and CE certification.
7. Fast through-flow speed guarantees little pressure loss.
8. All our products have 18 months’ guarantee period.

Attentions When Selecting Y Type threaded strainer
1. Water Volume Processed
2. Pipeline Pressure
3. Filtration Precision
4. Suspended Substance Concentration in Filtering Fluid
5. Physical and Chemical Property of Filtering Liquid

1. After the cleaned filter screen is installed in Y type threaded strainer, please check whether the gasket leaks water. If there is water leakage, replace sealing gasket immediately.
2. Filter screen in the strainer should be cleaned regularly (usually once every three months) in case that the filtered impurities are piled up on the screen and influence smooth circulating of water system.
3. If Y type threaded strainer is installed in a new pipeline system, please clean the filter screen after a few hours’ using. The strainer may be blocked by the construction waste in pipeline.
4. For the pipeline strainer system which is not often used (usually more than four days without using), please clean the filter screen before using. The humid and dark place is very easy for bacteria to survive.

1. Our Y type threaded strainers can be paid by T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C or according to your requirement.
2. Products can be transported by sea, railway or air.

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