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Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Kayson has been dedicating in manufacturing for years and providing a wide range of trunnion mounted ball valves to the world for different marketing demands. They are of integral flanges and fire tested approval. These flanged ball valves can be widely applied in such pipelines as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems, etc.

1. Trunnion mounted ball valve is easy to open. It has excellent sealing performance, low friction between sealing surfaces and long service life.
2. The body of this flanged ball valve is cast in precision. Thus it is good in performance.
3. The surface is finished second time, thus it is smooth and bright.
4. The bonnet of trunnion mounted ball valve is processed by numerical control machine.
5. Kayson has been awarded by ISO9001:2008 international system certification, API 6D certification, CE certification, etc.

1. Before operation, please make sure that pipeline and valve are cleaned.
2. When the direction of actuator is parallel with pipeline, the valve is open. The valve is closed when perpendicular.
3. When you rotate 90°at forward direction, the trunnion mounted ball valve is closed. To the contrary, when you rotate 90°at reverse direction, it is open.
4. To own a longer service life of this flanged ball valve, users should pay attention to the working condition, temperature, pressure ratio and corrosion data.

1. When the trunnion mounted ball valve is in closed position, the body should have some fluids.
2. In order to avoid failure during operation, all valves in a process plant should be periodically inspected thoroughly for wear on the ball, seats, seals, or body. If wear is discovered, Kayson recommends replacing seats, seals, gaskets, and packing with genuine Kayson parts. Check the electrical continuity of the valve and pipeline.
3. The type of process, fluids involved, working conditions, and location of the trunnion mounted ball valve in the process plant, will determine the frequency of the maintenance.
4. Preventive maintenance is essential as the failure due to lack of maintenance may cause an emergency shutdown of the plant.
5. Before maintenance, please relieve the pipeline pressure and make the valve open. The power source or air source should be switched off. And actuator should be separated from yoke.
6. When disassembling or assembling trunnion mounted ball valve, be careful not to damage the surface of valves’ parts especially for the nonmetal parts. Please use special instrument to disassemble or assemble O-ring.
7. When assembling this flanged ball valve, the bolts on the flange should be in symmetry and fastened uniformly to guarantee no leakage.
8. The cleaner should not have chemical reaction with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts or working media (like fuel gas) in valves. If the working medium is fuel gas, users can adopt gasoline (GB484-89) to clean metal parts and adopt purified water or ethyl alcohol to clean non-metal parts.
9. Parts that are dismantled can be cleaned in immersion way. Parts still in the valve can be cleaned by clean and smooth cloth (with cleaner) to avoid falling fiber. Wipe out all the attachment on the surface (like grease, dirt, gum deposit, dust, etc.).
10. Non-metal parts should not be in immersion for a long time.
11. The parts of trunnion mounted ball valve should be assembled after volatilization of cleaner. But they cannot be laid aside for a long time, or else they will be rusted and polluted by dust.
12. New parts should be cleaned before assembling.
13. Secondary sealant/lubrication grease is used on trunnion mounted ball valve. It should be in consistent with metal parts, rubber parts, plastic parts and working media in valves, that’s to say, there is no chemical reaction between each other.
14. Once a valve is assembled, it should undergo a complete set of tests to make sure that the valve is adequate for the original working conditions. Hydrostatic/pneumatic shell/seat tests should be carried out as per the specifications relevant to the valve.
15. When choosing trunnion mounted ball valve, product model, nominal pressure, applicable medium, operating temperature, product material, connection mode, etc., should be taken into consideration. If it is complicated with your construction environment, please provide construction designing drawings, our experts will suggest you to choose suitable valves. Besides, they can also customize for you according to your specifications.

1. Flanged ball valves should be put in dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain and rust.
2. When store and transport trunnion mounted ball valves, the valves should be in close state. And users should pay much attention to those following points.
1) Both ends of drift diameter should be plugged tightly to prevent from dust or rust.
2) Apart from greased trapezoidal thread part of valve stem, the exposed part should be taken measures to prevent from dust.
3) Regularly check the valves that are deposited for a long period. Check whether there is dirt or rust on the surface and trapezoidal thread part of valve stem. If there is, please inject some anti-rust oil on it to protect.
3. When in use, often oil on the turning part and the bearing, and grease on the trapezoidal thread part of the valve stem.

Package and Transportation
We accept the payment by T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, etc. Our trunnion mounted ball valves can be transported by sea, railway, or airplane.