• Threaded Forged Steel Gate Valve
  • Threaded Forged Steel Gate ValveThreaded forged steel gate valve is a kind of most common open/close valve. It is mainly composed of valve body, disc, bonnet, valve gland, gasket, bolt and nut. This threaded gate valve uses disc to connect or cut off medium in pipeline. Disc functions like a sluice gate to connect or cut off media, so it is called gate valve or sluice valve. The on-off component ...
  • Threaded Forged Steel Globe Valve
  • Threaded Forged Steel Globe ValveThreaded forged steel globe valve is a valve with closure member (disc) moving along with the center line with valve seat. It is mainly composed of valve body, disc, shaft pin and stem. The stem axis of this threaded globe valve is vertical to sealing surface of valve seat. With short opening and closing stroke and reliable cutting off performance, this forged...
  • Threaded Forged Steel Check Valve
  • Threaded Forged Steel Check ValveThreaded forged steel check valve, also called non return valve, reflux valve, one-way valve or counterbalance valve, is mainly made up of valve body, disc, bonnet and gasket. It is used to prevent back flow and leakage of medium as well as inversion of pump and driving motor. By relying on media flow to open and close disc automatically. It can also be installed on ...
  • Threaded Forged Steel Y Type Strainer
  • Threaded Forged Steel Y Type StrainerThreaded forged steel Y strainer is indispensable equipment for medium transmission pipeline system. It is composed of valve body and filter mesh. It is installed on pipeline and helps to remove bigger solid particles in fluid, such as iron rust and sand grain in the sewage. This equipment can protect pipeline accessories (compressor, pump, display instrument and...

Threaded Forged Steel Valves

Threaded forged steel valves (gate, globe and check valves) are mainly applied on all kinds of pipeline systems in thermal power plant to cut off or connect medium in pipeline. The applicable medium cover water, steam, and other non-corrosive medium. All our valves has been tested and passed JB/T9092 standards before delivery. Compared with other valves, our threaded valves feature high temperature and pressure resistance, and special self-sealing design. The higher the pressure is, the more reliable the sealing will be. On account of its performance technology characteristics and special working conditions, our valve becomes an irreplaceable product.

Applications of Threaded Forged Steel Valves
Our valves are extensively applied in tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy and other pipeline systems.

1. Threaded Forged Steel Gate Valve
2. Threaded Forged Steel Globe Valve
3. Threaded Forged Steel Check Valve

1. Before installing the threaded forged steel valves (like gate, globe and check valves)
1) Check if thread connection is loose and regulate the tightness of the screw.
2) Offload covers at both sides of the valve channel, clean the inner cavity, and remove the clingage.
3) Strip off the greaseproof paper on the trapezoidal thread of valve stem and recoat the lubricating grease on trapezoidal thread.
4) Flush and clean the pipeline in case that the sealing face is damaged.
2. When installing threaded forged steel valves
1) The valve stem can be upward or horizontal.
2) The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with direction of arrow on the valve body.
3. When using the valve
1) It must be fully opened or closed.
2) The valve opens or closes via rising or falling of valve stem. During the whole opening or closing process, stress should be uniform. Before it approaches full opening or closing position, the speed should be slowly decreased till the valve is fully opened or closed.
3) When opening or closing threaded forged steel valves manually, clockwise rotation is to close the valve and anticlockwise rotation is to open it.
4) The driving mechanism is not allowed for lifting application.
5) The medium flow through the pipeline should not carry hard particles, for hard particles may hurt the sealing surface.

Payment, Package, Delivery and Warranty
1. Products can be paid by T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C or according to your requirement.
2. Items are packaged by standard exported wooden cases.
3. Our threaded forged steel valves are transported by sea, railway or air.
4. Guarantee period of our products is 18 months.

Shanghai Kayson Valve Co., Ltd specializes in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling valves. Our main products include threaded forged steel valves (such as gate, globe and check valves) and strainers. Our products are exported to Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Spain, France, England, Sweden, Dubai, Arab, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.