• API Flanged Cast Steel Globe Valve
  • API Flanged Cast Steel Globe ValveAPI flanged cast steel globe valve is a kind of valve that the valve disc moves along valve seat central line. Due to this moving form, the seat...
  • DIN Flanged Cast Steel Globe Valve
  • DIN Flanged Cast Steel Globe ValveDIN (Deutsch Industrial Norman) flanged cast steel globe valve manufactured by us is broadly installed on such pipelines as tag water, sewage...

Flanged Globe Valves

Flanged globe valves, are used for regulating flow in pipelines, and widely used in such applications requiring throttling and frequent operation. They have passed API 6D / CE certification.

Flanged globe valves are applied as regulation and cut-off device in such pipelines as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical products, foodstuff, medicine, textile, electricity, ship, metallurgy, energy system, etc.

1. Excellent sealing performance.
2. Small friction between sealing faces.
3. Long service life.
4. Low opening torque.

1. Featuring simple structure, flanged globe valves are easy to be manufactured and maintained.
2. Medium passway of this API 6D globe valve is quite zigzag, so the hydraulic resistance is large, leading to big power consumption.
3. When in use, the flow direction is unidirectional and its flow direction can not be changed.

1. Before putting flanged globe valve into service, check the size, ends, material and pressure temperature limitation.
2. Globe valves are closed by turning in the clockwise direction and opened by turning in the anti-clockwise direction.
3. API 6D globe valves are normally used for regulation. The proper functioning of the installed valve should be checked by opening and closing several times.
4. Ensure that pressure surges (water hammer) do not exceed the nominal operating pressure.

1. Parts of flanged globe valves are generally for free maintenance. The materials of the sliding parts have been selected to keep tear and wear to a minimum.
2. Lubricate the moving parts such as stem and stuffing box screws with oil or grease.
3. Repack or replace the gland packing and cover gaskets in proper time to ensure long service life of the API 6D globe valve.
4. For reasons of safety and to reduce maintenance and repair costs, all flanged globe valves, especially those which are operated occasionally should be inspected at least 4 times a year.